vol 21 no2,2021

Title Author
Dissolution of Parliament in Light of Constitutional Amendments of 2011 on Jordan’s Constitution of 1952: Comparative Study Written by Ziad Ali Alkaid
Mural Design Standards from the Viewpoint of Plastic Artists Written by Gammash A. H. Al-Gammash , Arwa Shaher Hamed Al-Sharif
Carl Jung's Personality Theory: A Critical Psychological Study Written by Nisreen Muhammad Ahmad Al-Trad , Imad Abdullah Al-Sharifin
Hadith “the Magic on the Messenger Peace Be upon Him" Study، Analysis، and Guidance Written by Mohammed Kamel Asad Abdelhadi
Social Media and the Collective Mind Inductive Study Written by Nouf Abdul Latif Alhuzami
The Seriousness of the Payment Unconstitutionality before the Trial Judge Written by Faisal Shatnawi, Mamduh Hasan AlEudwan
The Impact of Cybercrime on the Functioning of Public Facilities in Jordanian Legislation Written by Ali Awad aljabrah, Sara Manhmoud Alarasi , Suhaib Ahmad Almanaseer
The Regular Uniques and the Benefits of What is Said at the Beginning of Teaching of the Noble Hadith Relate to Al-Bukhari and His First Translation by the Modernist Imam Muhammad Bin Ahmed Bin Ali Bin Abi Bakr Al-Ghaiti “d.982 AH”، Study and Investigatio Written by Mohammad Al-Humaidi Humoud Al-Mutairi
The Art of Platonic Love in the Poetry of Pre-Islamic and Islamic Eras: Artistic Thematic Study Written by Amer Mahmood Mohamad Rapea
The Impact of Tacit Knowledge in Administration Creativity A Case Study of Jordan Islamic Bank Written by Hisham Khajael Ahmad Alduhaisat
The linguistic Composition in the Poetry of Tamim Al-Barghouti A Study in the Compositional Level The Poem "In Jerusalem" as a Model Written by Murad Rafiq Al – Bayyari, Sa'ad Abdullah Miqdad , Hussam Azmi Al-Afouri
The Relationship of Social Responsibility to Competitive Advantage, Given that Employee Satisfaction is an Intermediate Variable Study on Tachbeek Company for Logistic Services and Social Media Written by Ayman Hassan El-Derawi
Effective Leadership among Students and Its Impact on the Leadership of Student Activities at the University of Hail and Ways to Develop Them Written by Khalid bin Mubarak Al-Mutairi
The Effectiveness of Employing Augmented Reality for Teaching National and Civic Education in the Development of Digital Citizenship and Metacognitive Skills among Female Students of the Basic Tenth Grade in Jordan Written by Amani Essa Samh Rababah,Yaseen Ali Al-Maqosi
Evaluating Physics Book of the Eleventh Grade in Palestine according to Teachers Written by Raed Mohammed frehat

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