vol 23 no2,2023

Title Author
The Effectiveness of a Group Counseling Program Based on Holland’s Theory in Developing Job Satisfaction among Educational Counselors in the Capital of Jordan Written by Khaled Ahmad Hussein Albawareed,Sahib Abed Aljanabi
A Proposed Conception to Raise Awareness towards Intellectual Property Rights of Fine Art Written by Safa' AbdullWahab Belqasem Batut
The Functional Multiplicity of Morphological Forms and their Transformation in the Vocabulary of the Qur’an’s Unfamiliar Expressions Written by Saher Hamad AlGaralleh,Mohammad Salem Al Malahmeh
The Crisis of the Omani Buraimi Oasis in the Middle of the Twentieth Century: A Study in Origins and Outcomes Written by Yousuf Said Al Kasbi , Bahia Said Juma Al-Adhubiya
Factors Effecting the Exchange Rate of the Sudanese Pound during the Period (2001-2020) Written by Abubakr Abdalla Suliman Eltayeb
The Role of Diplomatic Leadership in Reinforcing Job involvement: A Field Study among Individuals in Public Hospitals in Duhok Governorate Written by Range M. Nori Dawoda
The Impact of Media Contexts on the Arab Spring in the Political, Humanitarian, and Military Fields: A Field Study from the Perspective of Students of the Faculty of Journalism and Media at Yarmouk University Written by Tahseen Mohammad Anis Sharadga , Amjad Omar Safori
Impact of Application of the Media Planning in Crisis Management: A case Study of the Directorate General of the Jordanian Civil Defense Written by Farah Majed Masadeh
The Role of the Military Institution as a Major Factor of the Political Stability in Jordan Written by Qusay Khalid Mohammad Abdullah
Features of Mental Health in the Islamic Educational Perspective Written by Reem Abdalrazaq Mohammad Abdalrazaq
Faith Education Methodology in Surat Al-Hadid Written by Hala Ghassan Al Hussien ,Amal Abdullah Al-Nuaima,Hala Nayef Al-Mashaqbeh
Transitioning gender and its impact on labor relations in Jordanian law (A comparative study) Written by Muhammad Muslim Muhammad Al-Zawahra
The Role of the School Administration in Integrating People with Special needs With Regular School Students in the First Directorate of Education at Zarqa Written by Hiyam mouhsen awad alskhari
The Effectiveness of a Counseling Program Based on Alice’s Theory in Reducing the Level of Dependency and Future Anxiety among Studying Mothers Who Have Children Written by Nisreen Hasan Huseen Alnawrasi
The Efficiency of Strategic Intelligence on Sustainable Competitive Advantages at Jordan National Shipping Lines Group in Jordan Written by Amin Tawfiq Massad ,Mohammed Saleem Al-Shura

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