vol 23 no3,2023

Title Author
The Degree of Cyber Security Awareness among Teachers in the Directorate of Karak Education Written by Abeer Ahmed Al-Habashneh
The Impact of Integrated Systems Thinking Approach on Secondary-Stage Students' Creative Thinking in the Islamic Education Curriculum in Written by Mahmoud Ahmad Mustafa
Syntactic Phenomena in the Language of the Prophet's Hadith: An Analytical Study Written by Nidal Suleiman Al Qatamin
The Predictive Ability of Self-Concept and Parenting in the Emergence of School Bullying among Students with Learning Difficulties in Jordan Written by Belal yahya ali bani salameh
Ideology in the Arabic syntactic Thought and the Islamic Arabic Culture Written by Ruqaia Amin Odeh, Abdullah Nayef AL-Anbar
The Role of Social Media in Forming the Value System for Secondary Stage Students in Jordan from Teachers Perspectives Written by Muna Ihmedan Al Hunaiti ,Mohammad Abd Al-wahab Hamzeh
The Meta-Realism in the Novel Al Aslaf (The Ancestors) by Fadel Al-Azzawi Written by Noora Mohammed F. AlKhanji
The Impact of Smart Organizations on Methods of Crisis Management at the Greater Amman Municipality Written by Suzan Saleh Darwazeh ,Diana Abd Alrazaq Khrisat
The Impact of Big Data Analysis on Improving the Quality of Accounting Information: A field Study on the Palestinian Environment" Written by Marwan Mohammad Abu HelaL
Personality Traits in the Islamic Educational Heritage Written by Mohamed Khaled Ibrahim Al-Sumairi , Emad Abdullah Muhammad Al Sharifain
The Renaissance of Islamic civilization according to the Islamic Thinker "Muhammad Qutb" Written by Mukhtar Omar Mukhtar Al-Shanqiti
Criminal Confrontation for the Crime of Electronic Blackmail in accordance with Jordanian Law: "A Comparative Study" Written by Ismail Mohammad Sbitan Al-Halalma
Provisions to Combat Commercial Fraud between the Impact of Multiple Legislations and the Unification of Regulating Legal Frameworks "A Comparative Study" Written by Yasaar Fawaz Raja Al-Hunaiti
The Impact of Artificial Lighting on Aesthetics of Artworks in Art Exhibitions Nabad art gallery as model Written by Odai Alabadleh,Mutasem Al-Karablieh,Ibrahim Al-Khatib,Rehab Ghoneim
The Leading Sectors in the Jordanian Economy: The 2016 Input-Output Model Written by Anas Taleb At-tarawneh , Mohammad khalil. Adeinat
The Role of Medical Television Programs in Raising Awareness and Educating Viewers in the Health Field: A Content Analysis Study Written by Alia Ali Mahmoud

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