vol 23 no1, A 2023

Title Author
Differences in the Big Five Personality Traits according to the Variables of Color and Gender Preferences among Secondary School Students Written by Rihab Aref Alsadi
Performance Level of Second Grade Female Teachers in Teaching Arabic in the Classroom from the Point of View of Principals of the First Basic Cycle Schools in Jordan Written by Abdulsalam Youssef Faleh Al-Jaafreh
The Extent of Including the Values of Global Citizenship in the Palestinian Curricula Content of Social Studies Textbooks of the Seventh and Eighth Grades Written by Alia Yahya Rade Assali
The Degree of Commitment of Kindergarten Principals in Ajloun Governorate to the Philosophy and Objectives of Kindergarten from the Teachers' Point of View Written by Fidaa Asaad Gharaibeh ,Suleiman Mohammed Qazakza
Quality of Career Life for Employees of Assistant Administrative Positions: A Case Study on King Saud University in Riyadh Written by Leena Sulaiman Alkhlewi
Parents' perceptions of Ninth-Grade Students about Private Lessons in Mathematics in Tulkarm Governorate Written by Majdi Rashed Joyousi ، Fatima Radi Altaweel
Areas of Internet Use and Its Impact on Adolescents from Their Point of View in Jordan, the Sultanate of Oman, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (A Comparative Study) Written by Mohammad Esma'el Al-qudah , Khalifa Ahmed Al Qassabi , Abdulrhman Salem Alshehri
The Reality of Electronic Information Services in Medical Libraries in Jordanian Universities Written by Mahdi Khaleel Sweidan,Mansour Saeed Mansour, Mohammed Ahmad Mohamed
The Effectiveness of Distance Learning in Improving Secondary School Students’ Performance in Mathematics and Arabic Language in Mafraq Governorate Written by Nawaf Odeh Salem Al-Husban
Degree of Scientific Thinking Skills Practiced by Female Student Teachers from the Perspective of Female Teachers of Cooperative School Written by Muneer Mohammad Ali Ajaj ، Atef Mohammad Mustafa Kanaan
Efficiency and the Impact of Customs on Changing It in the Marriage Contract Written by Muhammad Said Khalil Al Mujahed، Hamdan bin Hamad Al Shukaili
The Degree to which Teachers of the First Three Basic Grades Use Higher Order Thinking Skills in the Schools of Bani Obeid District in Irbid Governorate Written by Wafaa Ali Mohammad Khasawneh
Evaluating the Grammar Exercises of Portal to English Book for Tenth and Eleventh Grade Qatari students Written by Alaeddin Khaled Mousa Alqatanani، Younis Qazaq
The Impact of Kindergarten Teachers' Training on the Principles of Behavior Modification in Reducing Children' Negative Behavior and Increasing Positive One Written by Nisreen Hasan Huseen Alnawrasi
Egomania, Self-Certainty, and Thinghood: A Hegelian Reading of Rousseau’s “Julie” and Goethe’s “Werther” Written by Noor Nader Mohammad A'bed , Samira Fayyad al-Khawaldeh

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