vol 17 no 2,2017

Title Author
Minimalism as a Movement in Residential Interior Design (Applied Study) Written by Dr. Osama Hassan Ismail Ali
Immortality, Escape and Relations between the Nightingale and the Poet in Keats's"Ode to a Nightingale" Written by Dr. Mutasem Tawfiq Al-Khader
Blood Money of the Body Organs Benefits Written by Dr.MOHAMMAD ALKHALAILEH
King Saud University students' attitudes towards the Importance of Awareness of Heritage Written by Yasser Hashem Emad Alhiagi
Excessiveness in Speeding Up Breakfast Written by DR Chafik laarajg
The health aspects in Al-Karak and its neighbrhood region in the Emirate (1921-1946 AD) Written by DR Ahmad Salameh Suleiman AL-Majali
Degrees of Burnout among Nurses Working in the Intensive Care Unit at Hebron Hospitals Written by Raid Jameel Hallaq -Dr. Nabil Jebreen Jondi
Abstract: This study aims to clear the Sunnites and groups belief of the Companions of the Prophet ( s ), the study also shows how the Islamic nation agree unanimously on necessity of darling the Companions (R) and consider them as the best of this nation Written by Dr Ahmad Jadaya
Effectiveness of Using Social Media in Reacting With Students About Course By Teachers; Twitter as Example Written by Dr.Abdulaziz Mutairan Al-Swaitchairman Dr.. Maha Mohammed Aqeel Sayed Ali
The Impact of Corporate Governance Attributes on Accounting Conservatism - Evidence from Jordanian Commercial Banks Written by Dr Amneh AL-Kurdi
The extent of social network websites’ contribution in achieving the professional and scientific research motivations used by faculty staff and students of Library and Information Science Departments at Jordanian universities Written by Dr. Luma Fakhir Abedalrazak Prof. Fadel Jamil Klaib
Difficulties Facing The Education Of International Accounting Standards From The Point View Of Teaching Members And Students Of The Accounting Department At Surman Economic College Written by Dr. Jamila Said Ghamber
The Effect of Multiple Intelligences Strategy on Scientific Concepts Acquisition and Developing Attitudes towards the Subject Of Science among Seventh Grade Students Written by Dr. Abdullah Al-Zoubi
Environmental Aesthetic Sense in the Drawings of Outistic Children Written by Hotham kaleel hameed Yousra abdul wahab mahmood
Measuring the Application of COSO Aramework for Internal Control from the Point of View of the External Auditors in the Public SHareholding Companies listed on the Amman Stock Exchange Written by DR Nidal AL-Ramahi

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