vol 17 no 2,2017

Effectiveness of Using Social Media in Reacting With Students About Course By Teachers; Twitter as Example


The Technology revolution that aspires us daily with new innovation from its inventions and its development and new versions, a different technique in social media; it changes our life and we describe that these means determine our destination, attitudes and reactions on the different events and it contributes by a clear role in changing the reactions and communication mechanisms on the stream of our daily matters, The study aims to recognize the differences between the mean score of the two questioners  (pre and post) in the effectiveness of using the social media by teachers to react with students around their course, The study belongs to the empirical studies by depending on the semi-empirical curriculum. It limits on a sample of 50 students from the Faculty of Elementary Education in the introduction course in education technology through doing a pre and post-test to the group to know the difference between the two tests around using the social media to react with students about their course, The study reaches the following results:- There is a statistical significant difference between the pre and post questioners of the groups after using the social media in the favour of the post questioners, there is no statistical significant difference of using the social media by teachers according to the age and grade. The study recommends providing the required mechanisms that allows all students to deal through social media to benefit from it in communicating with their teaching staff and making discussions around the courses.

Key words: Effectiveness usage , Teacher, Social media , Course , Students


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