vol 17 no 2,2017

The Effect of Multiple Intelligences Strategy on Scientific Concepts Acquisition and Developing Attitudes towards the Subject Of Science among Seventh Grade Students


This study aims at investigating the effect of using multiple intelligences strategy on scientific concepts acquisition and developing attitudes towards the subject of science among the students of seventh grade. The research applied the qusi-experimental method. The members of study consisted of (60) students from private schools in the governorate of AL-Balqa, distributed into two groups: control group and experimental group. To achieve the goal of the study the researcher prepared a test that consisted of (30) items to measure scientific concepts acquisition of the study sample. Another questionnaire consisting of (20) items was also used to measure their attitudes towards science, which including four dimensions: scientific interests, the role of science teacher, the social implications of science, and difficulty of scientific subjects. The results of the study showed that there was a statistical significant difference at (α=0.05) in using multiple intelligences strategy in scientific concepts acquisition and developing of attitudes towards the subject of science.

Keywords:Multiple Intelligences, Scientific Concepts, Attitudes.


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