vol 17 no 2,2017

The extent of social network websites’ contribution in achieving the professional and scientific research motivations used by faculty staff and students of Library and Information Science Departments at Jordanian universities


The study aimed to identify the reality of using the social network sites specialized in library and information science by the faculty staff and master's and bachelor's students at Jordanian universities in order to identify the more used sites, and the reasons of using them.  The study Also aimed to find out the degree of achieving effectiveness of the social network sites for the professional, academic and scientific research motivations, as well as the reasons for non-using it by some of the respondents, and also to find out the statistically differences at the significance level (a≤ 0.05), between the averages of respondents' answers.

The study sample consisted of 200 faculty staff and students. (186) of them representing (93%) of the sample. The descriptive approach was used through a questionnaire of which its validity and reliability were examined.

The study showed several results such as: (88.2%) of respondents are using social networking sites, and the most social network sites being used were face book, Youtube and Instagram. These social network sites achieved the professional and scientific research motivations with moderate averages.

The study also showed that there were no significant differences among the respondents answers, related to the variables of sex, the government or private universities, and the period of use, while there are significant differences due to the variable "profession" in achieving the academic and professional motivations in favor to the bachelor's students.

In light of the findings, the study provided several recommendations including: preparing a list of the social network sites specialized in library and information by the departments of library and information science to increase the awareness of faculty staff and students for its importance in vocational, teaching and research fields.

Keywords: social network sites ,work incentives ,academic incentives ,Department of Library and Information Science  ,Jordanian Universities , Jordan .


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