vol 17 no 2,2017

King Saud University students' attitudes towards the Importance of Awareness of Heritage


Universities play an important role in the development of heritage awareness among students; it  helps  them to understand and recognize the importance of landmarksand archaeological heritage in the country, and equip them with the knowledge, skills and values that link the significance of heritage as a component of economic, social and cultural, as well as their orientation and attitudes towards heritage. This study aims to identify the attitudes of   King Saud University students towards  the importance of  awareness  to heritage in the light of some variables emanating from the perspective of the students themselves.

The study, which was conducted  from 01/02/2015  to  21/05/2015 adopted a  descriptive and analytical approach  that indeed requires data collection pertaining to the development of students' attitudes scale towards heritage awareness. The collected data was distributed after  presentation to a number of reviewers. That was done to ensure the sincerity and the persistence of a random sampling of undergraduate and graduate students at King Saud University. The  number of male/ female students was 450.

The results showed that there is a perception and awareness  among  the study sample members about some elements of traditional culture, and positive attitude towards heritage and its importance. It also pointed to the  lack of  statistically significant differences between demographic variables in the students' attitude towards  the importance of awareness  of heritage.  Based on the results,   the study proffered a number of recommendations, most notably being the inclusion  of the  curricula of heritage importance and  its awareness  in the academic courses of the university;  and the development of heritage awareness among students through University activities to create conscious-laden generation that are aware of  heritage importance in economic, social and cultural pursuits

Keywords:  Attitudes, Cultural Heritage, Heritage Awareness, King Saud University


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