vol 17 no 2,2017

Degrees of Burnout among Nurses Working in the Intensive Care Unit at Hebron Hospitals


The study aimed at investigating psychological burnout among of the nursing staff in the (ICU's) in Hebron hospitals, and investigating the differences burnout degrees, according to gender, educational qualifications, type of hospital, marital status, and age levels. The researchers implemented Geldard Burnout Inventory (GBI) on a sample of 101 nurses working in the (ICU's). Both validity and reliability of the GBI were confirmed. The results show that the degrees of burnout among nursing staff are high. There were significant differences in the degrees of burnout due to gender in favor of females, and differences due to the age group for the benefit of the older group, and differences due to marital status in favor of married people. Moreover, the study reveals no differences in psychological burnout due to educational qualifications and type of hospital (private or public). Finally, the study put forward a set of recommendations such as motivating workers in the (ICU's), taking into account the specificity of each nurse working shifts in the ICU.

Key words: Psychological Burnout ,Geldard Burnout Inventory ,Psychological Stresses.


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