vol 17 no 2,2017

Blood Money of the Body Organs Benefits


Allah has honored a human being over other creatures by granting him benefits for his organs. Islam has forbidden transgression on these benefits and considered doing so equal to transgression against human life, on one hand. Therefore, Sharia has set up a punishment on this act severer than that  for murder, in certain cases. In fact , it could be twenty times severer, and this is considered one of Sharia's achievements, because the death of the victim marks the end of  his worldly life, so he doesn't need the wealth anymore; rather, it is transferred to his heirs. On the other hand, if the victim's sight and hearing were impaired, how could he survive? As a result, Sharia has taken this into consideration by imposing two Diyas(Blood money) so that he could lead a decent life. This study sheds light on the rights and the Diyas that result from transgression against the benefits of a person's organs in order to safeguard the latter's rights.


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