vol 17 no 2,2017

Excessiveness in Speeding Up Breakfast

Islam is a religion rejecting all manifestations of extremism, so it could be spread in all parts of the world for its compatibility with the common sense and explicit mentality. Therefore, it legislates for the fasting person to hasten breakfast, in response to the order of Allah and in mercy of his own. One of the issues that includes extremism from the point of view of many Muslims, which Islam fights and severely forbid, the issue of extremism in hastening breakfast. We find a lot of people break their fast before the legitimate breakfast time, thinking that they are applying the Sunnah of hastening, but they have forgotten or pretended to forget that they fall into and extremely dangerous legitimate pitfall. Hence, the research answers the following questions: What is the meaning of hastening breakfast? What is the legitimate time of breakfast? What is the opinion of Sharaa concerning? relyingon astronomical calendars and modern clocks to prove the legitimate time for breakfast


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