vol 21 no2,2021

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Excellence in the Financial Purposes of the Leader’s Objectives in the Control of Public Money; Revenues and Expenditures: ʻUmar ibn al-Khaṭṭāb as a Model Written by Muhammad Saleem Mustafa (Muhammad Ali) , Mohammad Mutleq Mohammad Assaf
Closed-Captioning and the Learning of Grammatical Structures for EFL Learners Written by Reem Alsadoon
Agricultural Methods and Tools used by the people of Andalusia Written by Muhammad Nayef Al-Amayreh
The Scope of Penal Liability for the Editor-in-Chief of a Website in Kuwaiti Law: A Critical Analytical Study in Light of Law No. 8 of 2016 in the Organization of Electronic Media Written by Husain Abbas Mourad , Sulaiman Mohammad Arti, Menawer Bayan Alrajehi
Modernisation in Dramatizing the Novel (Returning to Haifa) as sample Written by Aysha Ghazi Ibrahim
Contemporary Interpretation of the Qur'an: (Al Asas) Interpretation of Said Hawa as a Model Written by Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Sawada
Intellectual Usage by Immam Shafi'i in his Book, Al- Ressalah and Ikhtelaf Al-Hadieth: Two Models Theory & Applied Study Written by Hamadeh Mustafa AL-Qudah
The Mechanism of Protecting Social and Economic Rights in the UAE Written by Eman Ali saif Alketbi
The Impact of Brand Dimensions on Purchasing Behavior among Customers of Noman Al- Juneidi for Food Industries Written by Mohammad Mansour Yosef Abu-Jalil , Mamdouh Tayh Zyaidate
The Impact of Implementing Total Quality Management Practices on Achieving Competitive Advantage at Jordanian Telecommunications Companies Written by Sami Shukri Jabra Zarafili , Lina Shukri Jabra Zarafili
Logo Design Stages from the Viewpoint of Designers Written by Gammash A. H. Al-Gammash, Amani Mohammed Saeed Al-Harbi
Mechanisms to Improve the Performance of Private Schools Leaders in the Light of Electronic Leadership in the North Region of Riyadh Written by Dr. Maha Othman Alzamil, Hala Nafel Al-Balawi
The Effectiveness of a Training Program in Light of Behavioral Theory in Decreasing Echolalia Behaviour among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) In a Jordanian Sample Written by Dhia'a Yousef Abu Eswailem , Nader Ahmad Jaradat
Improving the Quality of Working Life for Leaders of Public Education Schools in Hail, Saudi Arabia: A Futurism Study Written by Mona Suleiman Al-zybani
The Secondary School Science Teachers Perceived Learning and Innovation Skills and their Impact on Graduate Attributes Written by Basma Mohammad Kilany, Abdullah Mohammad Khataibeh, Khaled Mohammad Alomari

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