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Intellectual Usage by Immam Shafi'i in his Book, Al- Ressalah and Ikhtelaf Al-Hadieth: Two Models Theory & Applied Study


Intellectual Usage by Immam Shafi'i in his Book, Al- Ressalah and Ikhtelaf Al-Hadieth: Two Models Theory & Applied Study

Hamadeh Mustafa AL-Qudah
Sharieh Faculty
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Jarash University

Received : 18/12/2019          Accepted : 31/01/2020


This paper presents a clear idea about the mental inclination of Imam al-Shafi'i in two of his books, the Risalah and the Difference in Hadith (Al-Ressalah and Ikhtelaf Al-Hadieth).

Even if it was found among other scholars, still Al-Shafi'i had a long tradition in it that surpassed the scholars of his time, and the researcher showed the manifestations of the rationalism of al-Shafi'i in his various sources of jurisprudence. Imam al-Shafi'i was not influenced by Aristotelian logic, even if the claim was correct.

The study concluded that the book of the Risalah is considered an integrated scientific system according to the methods of scientific research It established the proofs, both physical and rational, for this by directing the legal evidence and proving his argument against his opponents, or the consensus and the analogy and the faces of the mental tendency in the inference of all these sources. The sources of Imam al-Shafi'i were general sources of jurisprudence schools and rationalism in the deductions of al- Shafi'i from these sources as we have shown in the research.

Imam Al-Shafi'i disagreed with some imams of other schools of thought in regard to the authoritative nature of some rational sources (approbation, interests, etc.). He did not say about them, and the rationalism appeared in his response to these sources.

Imam Al-Shafi'i is considered one of the most important imams of schools of thought that are concerned with measurement, that he considered it the gist of diligence, "Diligence is the measurement."

Imam Al-Shafi'i followed the scientific method of composition in his two books (The Message and the Difference of Hadith), starting with the scientific hypothesis and ending with establishing an integrated scientific theory through them (the Message, the Difference of Hadith)..

Keywords:  :  Intellectual Usage (rationalism), Imam Al-Shafi'i, Al-Ressalah, Ikhtelaf Al-Hadieth.


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