vol 21 no2,2021

Modernisation in Dramatizing the Novel (Returning to Haifa) as sample


Modernisation in Dramatizing the Novel (Returning to Haifa) as sample

Aysha Ghazi Ibrahim
Faculty of Arts
University of Jordan
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Received : 13/05/2020               Accepted :12/07/2020


Dramatization of the novel is a form of disposition with the text, to make it theatrical. The dramatization of the novel "Returning to Haifa" by Yahya Al-Bishtawi and Ghannam Ghannam is a unique experience, because there are elements of making creative work, several changes were made in the form and content, including making the story start from the present, and adding some details that was not mentioned in the novel, which can be considered the natural extension of its events, the narrator's change were due to the requirements of monodrama, for example: the conversion of eloquent language to vernacular, the modification of some characters to become more real, and the modification of the way events are listed. The new look of the novel was an example of an intervention that serves the director's vision, and contributes to presenting the novel with a new shape that fits the current situation.

Keywords:  Modernization, Dramatization, Return to Haifa, Novel.


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