vol 21 no2,2021

Agricultural Methods and Tools used by the people of Andalusia


Agricultural Methods and Tools used by the people of Andalusia

Muhammad Nayef Al-Amayreh
Faculty of Social Sciences/ Department of History
Mutah University
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Received : 12/06/2017                                                                        Accepted :10/09/2017


The research dealt with the topic of agricultural methods and tools used by the farmer in Andalusia in the Islamic era and his role in developing and modernizing them to suit the flourishing civilization established by Muslims in Andalusia. The agricultural work carried out by the Andalusian farmer during the seasons of the year, and the research showed the interest of the Andalusian farmer in how to plant and prune trees, as well as methods of combining different types of trees, as well as methods of combating diseases and insects, and methods of harvesting and storing fruits.

The research also referred to the agricultural tools that the Andalusian farmer used, starting from preparing the land for cultivation until the fruits and crops ripen and the time to harvest them, in addition to some tools that the Andalusian farmer used in the manufacture of some agricultural crops and fruits.

Keywords : Farming , Andalus , agricultural tools , agricultural methods .


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