vol 21 no2,2021

Logo Design Stages from the Viewpoint of Designers


Logo Design Stages from the Viewpoint of Designers

Gammash A. H. Al-Gammash                 Amani Mohammed Saeed Al-Harbi
Faculty of Design and Art                          Faculty of Design and Art
                         Umm Al Qura University                                 Princess Nora bint AbdulRahman University
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Received : 03/09/2020                          Accepted :29/11/2020


The current study aims to reveal the design stages of logos from the viewpoint of designers. The researchers used the descriptive method, through the study tool (Personal Interview), which was distributed to 203 designers of logos. One of the most prominent results of the study is that there are 9 stages of logo design, five of which are not widely agreed upon (less than 50%) by the study sample, and there are four that exceeded (50%), the highest percentage is in favor of (final output) by an agreement that reached (97.5%) by the study sample. Also, the design of the logo in the practices of designers goes through a circular process, as some stages require a return to it again, because the process of designing the logo is not linear, it does not go according to fixed stages.

Keywords: Visual Culture, Visual Contact, Identity, Brand, Symbol.


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