vol 18 no 2,2018

Title Author
Standards and Requirements of Learning Spaces Design-An Applied Study Written by Dr. Osama Hassan Ismail Ali
Contrastive Study for the Predicate Semantic Roles in Both English and Arabic Languages Written by Dr. Saleh Mohd Naji Dr. Jamil Mohd Bani Ata
The Impact of Universities on Protecting Societies from Administrative Corruption Case Study: Zarqa University Written by Dr.Khaled Abdulwahab Helal Alzeaideen
Manifestations of the Generosity in the Abbasid Poetry (Selected Anthology) Written by Ashraf Sha'aban Dr. Dr. Abdulkhaleq Issa
The Impact of the Application of the Strategic Management in the Academic Education Quality in Jordanian Universities A Case Study of Zarqa University Written by Dr. Nader Ahmad Abusheikha Dr. Majed Abdel-Mohdi Masadeh
The Study of Omar Khayyam’s Status in Egypt based on the Arabic Translations of his Quatrains Written by Behrouz Ghorbanzadeh
The Role of Qualitative Financial Engineering in Managing Risks of Financing Contracts in Islamic Banks Written by Dr. Malak Noureddin Khasawneh
An Analytical Study of some Atheistic Sites On the Web)) Written by Anas Abdullah Al-Shukhanbeh Dr. Ahmed Abd Hussein Al – Awaysheh
Bibliometric and Analytical Study of References Citation of Accepted Master's Theses at the Departement of Libraryand Information Science at the University of Jordan Written by Amani Fayez Taleb Al-Diqes Dr. Younis Ahmad al-Shawabkeh
The Informal Economic Sector The Stalls and Hawkers in the Downtown of Amman- A Study of Black Economy Written by Durgham A. Shtaya Nasim F. Barham
A Study of the Degree of Academic Departments Heads in the Jordanian Universities Application for Governance in the Capital Amman from Staff Members Point of View Written by Abdul Jabar Al- Biati Khalida Abdul Rahman Shatat

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