vol 18 no 2,2018

The Impact of Universities on Protecting Societies from Administrative Corruption Case Study: Zarqa University

The Impact of Universities on Protecting Societies from Administrative Corruption Case Study:
Zarqa University

Dr.Khaled Abdulwahab Helal Alzeaideen 

Faculty of Economics and Administration Science

Zarqa University –Jordan

Received 2017/04/11                                               Accepted  2017/12/21



The purpose of this study is to study the impact of universities on the protection of societies from administrative corruption in Zarqa University through developing an independent variable to identify the most important dimensions that affect this. These included personal values, role of the university, prevention, ethics and behavior.
In order to achieve the objectives of the study and to test hypotheses, a suitable sample was selected from the study community consisting of (45) questionnaires from deans, heads of departments and faculty members in various faculties on the basis of ease and convenience in reaching them and under specific conditions. The spss program was used to determine the results of the hypotheses.

The results showed that universities play a role in protecting society from administrative corruption by promoting a set of values among students, most importantly personal values, the university's preventive role, moral and behavioral aspects, and incentives. Which contributes to the protection of the local community from administrative corruption at a value close to (38%). This percentage is important for the role of the university in protecting our societies from the spread of administrative corruption between them.

The study recommends that Zarqa University should develop policies and strategies for its preventive role to protect society from administrative corruption. The lecturers have a prominent role in conveying a message to their students to reduce the spread of administrative corruption and its risks to society and individuals.

Key Words:Universities, Administrative Corruption, Community Protection, Zarqa University, Jordan.


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