vol 18 no 2,2018

Standards and Requirements of Learning Spaces Design-An Applied Study

Standards and Requirements of Learning Spaces Design-An Applied Study

Dr. Osama Hassan Ismail Ali

Faculty of Art and Design

Zarqa University- Jordan

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29/5/2018 Accepted                                               10/12/2017  Received



The study deals with the criteria and requirements of the design of practical learning spaces, through the applied study to arrive at a proposed model for the design of the learning spaces, and preparing them in accordance with the functional and aesthetic standards and activities required and expected within these spaces. The research adopts a clear formulation of the functional and aesthetic criteria and requirements for the design of the practical learning spaces through the proposed applied model. The research also deals with an applied study of the architectural and interior design of the educational building at the Faculty of Fine Arts, South Valley University. The study also designs proposals that meet the standards and requirements of designing learning spaces.

Keywords: Educational buildings, Interior design, Architectural designing, Functional standards, Applied study.



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