vol 18 no 2,2018

The Informal Economic Sector The Stalls and Hawkers in the Downtown of Amman- A Study of Black Economy

The Informal Economic Sector
The Stalls and Hawkers in the Downtown of Amman- A Study of Black Economy

Durgham A. Shtaya                                                               Nasim F. Barham

PhD Candidate at the University of Jordan                             Professor at the University of Jordan

Department of   Geography                                                 Department of   G eography

durghamsh@gmail. com                                                       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Received 06/08/2017                                                              Accepted 10/01/2018



The study aims to identify the problem of exploitation of the public space in the downtown Amman, and to analyse the nature of tension and contest of stalls and hawkers issue through a field study which included interviews with the study sample to assess their feedback. The study tackled the most important concepts, and discussed the stand of Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), its justifications, offered for the prevention of stalls, the statistics about its activities and its solutions to counter this issue. The Shopkeepers attitude toward the stalls and hawkers was discussed to identify their complaints and the solutions they suggest. The study included interviews with the hawkers and owners of stalls to identify their economic and social characteristics, their work conditions, their sales properties and the reasons of their work in the informal sector. The researchers found that there is a tension and contest between the three stakeholders, and it found that the majority of owners of stalls coming from poor areas either in Amman or outside, and they were characterized by low income in general. The study recommended giving attention to the owners of stalls to facilitate their work in appropriate places and support them by training to establish their own projects within the formal sector; through involving wide cross-section discussions to offer appropriate solutions.

Keywords: Amman, Stalls and Hawkers, Informal Sector, Public Space.


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