vol 17 no 1,2017

Title Author
Reflection of Islamic thought on the ethics of image Through the illustrations in children’s books Written by Dr.Mged Kamaml ELdeen Mohamed Gimaa
The Time of Taising Public – Order- Irrelated Formal Defness According to the Jordanian Civil Procedures Law Written by Dr. Raed Sbooh
Faculty Members' Attitudes Towards E-Publishing at Zarqa University and to which Extent They Practice It. Written by DR. Omar Ahamad Hamshari
The Interaction of Individuals in the virtual Community and Its Implication on Their Real life: Facebook as an Example Written by Zina Djadaun‬
Mathematical Thinking Skills of 11th Grade Students in Jordan and Their Relation to Student's Gender and Branch. Written by Dr. Ahmed Jamil Ahmed Almasa'fa
Determinants of Jordanian Trade Balance: An ARDL Approach Written by Dr. Khaled Mohammed Al-Sawaie
The Effect of Using Emotional Intelligence Strategies in the Development of Self-Efficacy and the Achievement Among the Primary Eighth-grade Students in the Study of the Hadith in Jordan Written by Dr. Yaseen Ali Al-Maqosi
The Andalusian Scholars Devotion to the Intellectual works of al- Mubarid Written by Dr- Ahmad H. Al-Majali
The Effectiveness of Mobile Learning Employment Through Smart Phones in Developing Self-learning, and Electronic Communication Skills among Faculty of Education Students at Al-Aqsa University, Palestine Written by Rania A.Al.Monim
The Reality of the Application of Human Talent Management System in the Private Industry Sector in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Written by Mohammed S. AL-Amri
Impact of Implementing some of the Modified International Accounting Standards (IAS) on the Quality of the Financial Statements An Empirical Study on Jordanian Commercial Banks Written by Dr Mahmood Jalal Ahmad
Marketing Performance In Jordanian Islamic Banks. "From the Employee's Perspective Written by Prof. Dr Mamdouh Ziadat Abadi
The Impact of Employees Empowerment on Marketing Performance In Jordanian Islamic Banks. "From the Employee's Perspective" Written by Prof. Dr Mamdouh Ziadat Abadi

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