vol 17 no 1,2017

The Andalusian Scholars Devotion to the Intellectual works of al- Mubarid

Dr- Ahmad H. Al-Majali
Literature, Zu University, Jordan
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This study is discusses the Andalusian scholars attention paid the works and intellects of AL-Mubradi AL-Azdi (did in 900AD)-e.g., his book AL-kamel fi AL-adab and AL-nukhtadab. It also inveshgater the movement of his works from Iraq to Andalusia at the hands of scholars. This establishes an evidence of the freedom of literary transmission, the importance and uniqueness of AL-mubrad and his works. His works enjoyed a huge attended their style. Such a thing helped the advancement of the cultural movement in Andalusia. The study investigates the most prominent scholars who contributed to the transmission of AL-mubarids intellectual her triage to Andalusia whether those who personality went to Iraq or those who were students of the former.

Keywords: Andalusia culture, al-mubarid, al-andalus,


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