vol 17 no 1,2017

The Impact of Employees Empowerment on Marketing Performance In Jordanian Islamic Banks. "From the Employee's Perspective"

This study aimes to determine the effect of employees empowerment which includes the following dimensions (teamwork, training, self orientation and capability) on marketing performance which includes the following dimensions (market share, profitability and sales) in Islamic banks of Jordan and from employees perspective. The study depended on questionnaire to collect data from the study sample which consisted of (156) employees from for Islamic banks (Jordan Islamic bank, Arab Islamic international bank, Jordan Dubai Islamic bank and Alrajhi bank). After distributing and collecting the study a questionnaires; SPSS software has been used through applying linear regression analysis. Moreover. The study presented theoretical framework that determines the importance of employees' empowerment in achieving marketing performance within the Islamic banks sector, the study also shoes the impact of employees empowerment on marketing performance in these banks. The study also recommends paying more attention to employees' empowerment in all domains that would increase thier performance.
Key Words: Marketing Performance, Employees Empowerment, Islamic Banks, Jordan

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