vol 17 no 1,2017

Faculty Members' Attitudes Towards E-Publishing at Zarqa University and to which Extent They Practice It.

DR. Omar Ahamad Hamshari

Department of Library Science -Faculty of Educational Sciences,ZARQA UNI

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This study aims at investigating faculty members' Attitudes toward e- publishing at Zarqa University and to which extent they practice it?

The Population of the study consists of all the faculty members (311) of Zarqa University in the Fall Semester of the academic year 2016/2017, of whom (182) responded, (58.5%). To achieve the goals of the study, a questionnaire mode of three parts was constructed, the first part is concerned with the demographic variables of the respondent (type of college, gender, academic rank and teaching experience), the second was concerned with attitudes towards e-publishing, and the third was concerned with e-publishing practice. The questionnaire was tested in terms of its validity and reliability.

Results reveal that the overall degree of respondents' attitudes toward e-publishing was estimated high, and that no statistical differences (a≤=0.05) are found in their attitudes regarding all study variables: type of college, gender, rank and teaching experience.

Results also show that the overall degree of respondents' practice of e- Publishing is average, and some statistical differences (a≤=0.05) are found in their practice of e-publishing due to type of college, but not due to other study variables: gender, rank, and teaching experience.

Keywords: E-publishing, members, Attitudes, degree, Zarqa University.


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