vol 17 no 1,2017

Mathematical Thinking Skills of 11th Grade Students in Jordan and Their Relation to Student's Gender and Branch.

Dr. Ahmed Jamil Ahmed Almasa'fa
Curriculum and instruction, methods of teaching mathematics
The World Islamic Science & Education, Jordan
Ministry of education
Department of supervision and training


The study aims to identify the level of mathematical thinking skills of 11th grade students, the study sample consisted of (100) male and female students, the researcher developed test to the skills of mathematical thinking, this test was applied on the study sample.

The results of the study show that the participants have an average mathematical thinking skills (43.4%). These skills are in the following order: induction, generalization, symbolism, deduction, mathematical proof. The attainment of these skills was in average realized, except for the skill of mathematical proof that way low.

The study also shows satiated significant differences (0:05=0) in the level of mathematical thinking skills accusation which is attributed to the gender of the participants, namely, in favor of females, and to education branch – namely, in favor of the students of the scientific branch.

Key words: mathematical thinking skills, 11th grade.


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