vol 17 no 1,2017

The Effectiveness of Mobile Learning Employment Through Smart Phones in Developing Self-learning, and Electronic Communication Skills among Faculty of Education Students at Al-Aqsa University, Palestine

Rania A.Al.Monim
Assistant Professor of Education Technology Al-Aqsa University , Palestine
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The study aims to examine the effectiveness of smart phones employment in developing of self-learning skills and electronic communication among students of the Faculty of Education at Al-Aqsa University in Palestine. The researcher used the quasi- experimental research. The sample consisted of (25) female students, selected intentionally from the study population (403) student. The researcher used a self-learning scale and an electronic communication scale. The Validity and reliability of the two scales were insured. The results showed that there are statistically significant differences reading the marks obtained by the university students in terms of the development of self-learning skills and electronic communication scales on the pre-and post-tests. The results are more in favor to post application with a large effect for both scales (0.14< η2), and the effectiveness of self-learning skills scale's, according to the Blake gain rate, (1.20).

Keywords: mobile learning, smart phones, self-learning, electronic communication.


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