vol 17 no 1,2017

Impact of Implementing some of the Modified International Accounting Standards (IAS) on the Quality of the Financial Statements An Empirical Study on Jordanian Commercial Banks

Dr Mahmood Jalal Ahmad
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Jordan, Zarqa University
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This study aims to recognize the importance of some of the modified international accounting standards and the impact of their application on the quality of financial statements in the Jordanian commercial banks. To achieve this purpose, the researcher has to develop a questionnaire includs in its final form (32) items. That coverd among the independent variables vepresented by (modified International Accounting Standards) and the dependent variable (quality of the financial statements). The validity and reliability of the overall sample question was tasted and the value of (Cronbach's alpha) coefficient for total tool is (0.938). The study was conducted on the managers, financial managers, accountants, and auditors in the above mentioned banks. The overall sample is made of (76) - manager, financial manager, accountant, and auditor, and selecting the final study sample equals to (31) manager, financial manager, accountant, and auditor. The study has come to some reasults, among them are the following:

a. The results related to estimates of the study sample in Jordanian commercial banks shows that the application degree of the modified international accounting standards in the mentioned banks, represented by (tangible fixed assets, earnings per share, intangible assets, and properties investment) is (positive). This means that the application level of the previous criteria was (high) from samples perspective.

b. The results indicated that there is statistically a significant impact at the significance level (α = 0.05), for three criteria (tangible fixed assets, earnings per share, and intangible assets) on the quality of the financial statements in e Jordanian commercial banks.

Keywords: international accounting standards (IAS), Financial Statements, Jordanian commercial banks.


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