vol 17 no 1,2017

The Effect of Using Emotional Intelligence Strategies in the Development of Self-Efficacy and the Achievement Among the Primary Eighth-grade Students in the Study of the Hadith in Jordan

Dr. Yaseen Ali Al-Maqosi
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Faculty of Educational Sciences
The World Islamic Science University - Jordan
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This study aims at investigating the effect of the teaching hadith topic , included in Islamic Education Textbook , according to emotional intelligence strateyirs to see its role in developing students self-efficacy and scholastic achievement ,

The reaser used the ques experimental method, and the study sample wasmade of (84) eighth –garders chosen from bait AL-maqdis school of the scholastic year 2014-2015. Those students were divided into four groups : two ex-perimental groups (males , females)- employing emotional methods, The study applied two tools : the measurement of self-efficcicy and achievement test according to emotional intelligence starteyies employed in teaching in the experimental groups . finally , the results show the there is no trace of interaction between strteyies of emotionalintelligence thegender of the students in tearm of achievement.

Keywords: Hadith, emotional intelligence, and self-efficacy.


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