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The linguistic Argumentative Strategies of Journalistic Language Written in English by Native Speakers and Arabs: A Comparative Study Written by Badriah Khalid Al-Gublan
The Impact of the Foreign Direct Investment on the Economic Development in Jordan- an Analytical Econometric study period (1996-2008) Written by Dr. Hasan Yasien Touama
The Impact of the Perceived Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction: Case Study Airways Airport Batna in Algeria Written by Pr. Yahlaoui Ilhem/ Bouhadid Leila
The Variables Influence in Velocity of Money in Jordan during the Period (1990-2012) Written by Dr. Atif Issa Batarseh
The Impact of the Conflict Patterns on the Organization Empowerment of the Employees in the Jordanian Phosphate Company Written by Dr. Laith Abdullah Alqhaiwi
The Factors Influencing the Decision to Grant Credit in the Banks of Jordan: Field Studyon theJordanian Banks Written by Dr. Jamal Abu-Serdaneh/ Dr. Suzan Abed/ Mohanad Hassan Marie
Quality Standards for Waqf Money Investment Written by Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Khrais
Importance of Cash Flows Ratios to Predict Financial Failure of Libyan Public Industrial Firms Written by Prof. Khamoussi Ahmad Halioui/ Ahmed Elsharif Ahmed
The Collaboration Syntax and Dentation in Mahmand's Darwesh Poetical Works 'Olive Leaves"- Analytical Study Written by Dr.Mohammed M. Al-Qattawi
The War Letters in Subhil A'asha's Book of Writing Creativity of Al-Qalaqshandi: An Objective and Artistic Study Written by Dr. Omar Ahmad Rbehat/ Dr. Ahmad chaleb Al-Kresheh
Manar magazine (1898 – 1935) as a Historic Resource Written by Dr. Bassam Abdel-Salam Hamida Al-Btoush
An Analytic Study of the Inclusion of the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS-2015) Requirements 1st-4th Grades Science Textbook in Saudi Arabia Written by Dr. Amani M. Al-Hussan
Irbid Third the Directorate of Education Efficiency Degree for Meeting Total Quality Management Principles as Perceived by its Employees Written by Dr. Mason Talaa Zoubi
The Reality of Schools' Libraries in the Directorate of Education in District of Rusaifa according to the librarians' points Written by Prof. Fadel Jamil Klaib/ Samia Ahmed Aldjaafarh/ Manar Mohammed Swords
The Relationship between Use of the Internet and Academic Achievement among Students of the Department of English Language in Zarqa University Written by Prof. Atif Y. Odeh
The Relationship between Student Teachers' Motivation and Their Performance in Practical Education at Educational Sciences College Written by Dr. Saleh Moh'd Abu Jado/ Dr. Ali AbdelKareem Mohammad Al-Kassab
Legal and Forensic Perspective to Hold Leasing Wombs Written by Dr.Nadia Quzmar
Recovery and Evacuation of Leased Property in Landlords and Tenants Law No. 17 for the year 2009 Written by Dr. ebrahim radwan aljaghber
The Reasons of Divine Revelation and Their Influence on the Understanding of the Quranic Text According to Ibn El Arabi Al-Malki through his Explanation of Provisions of the Quran Written by Dr. Nizar AtahAllah Ahamad Saleh
The Principle of Complementarity between Individual and Collective Breeding Individuals in Islam Written by Dr. Abeer Fareed Abu-Baker

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