vol 22 no2, 2022

Title Author
Role of Strategic Orientation Dimensions of Green Supply Chain Management Practices in Jordanian Manufacturing Companies Written by Sultan Al Shourah
The Right of the Maiden (Bikr) and the Previously Married Woman (Thayeb) to Choose Her Husband and the Established Purposes of this Right According to the Four Schools of Jurisprudence Written by Muhammad Salim Mustafa (Muhammad Ali)
Media Students in Jordanian Universities Moving towards Following Short Digital Videos Posted through the Arabic Platform AJ+ on Facebook "Survey" Written by Farhan al olaimat ,Ashraf Faleh Al Zoubi, Muaath Hatamleh, Mazen al Naddi
The Impact of the Use of Social Networking Platforms on the Jordanian Voters in the Nineteenth Jordanian Parliamentary Elections during the Emerging Pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Written by Amer Khaled Mohammad Ahmad
The Criminal Responsibility of the Head of the State in Islamic Jurisprudence Written by Sayel Ahmad Hassan Imara
Administrative Public Prosecution in Jordanian Legislation Written by Shukran Qasem Naser AlDoghmi
The Structure of the Narrations of Al-Fath bin Khaqan Al-Ishbiliy Written by Samer Talat Abu Lubdeh
The Impact of Organizational Change Management on Supply Chain Integration at Jordanian Companies for Human Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Written by Lina Shukri Jabra Zarafili , Sami Shukri Jabra Zarafili
The Reality of Including Standards of the American National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Project for the Development of Education in Geography Books for the Upper Primary Stage in Jordan Written by Sereen Habis Difallah Gharaibeh , Khaled Fayad Bany Khaled
Degree of Satisfaction of English Language Department Students in Jouf University with the Quality of Distance Learning Written by Maha Afatt M. Aldoghmi
Obstacles Facing the Application of Distance Learning during the Corona Pandemic, from the Viewpoint of Students of Hail University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Written by Rana Ameen Alshdifat

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