vol 21 no1,2021

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Exploring the Factors That Contributed to the Refinement of the Artistic Skills of Some of the Major International Visual Artists as a Way to Develop a Perspective for Sponsoring Artistically Gifted Students Written by Nezar Bin Saleh Ahmed Abdulhafeez
The Degree of the Impact of Watching the Movie "Spotlight" on the Attitudes of Students of Journalism and Media at Zarqa Private University towards Investigative Journalism: An Experimental Study Written by Alia Ali Idris Mahmoud
Employment Standards in Kuwaiti Legislation and Judiciary (Comparative Critical Analysis Study) Written by Ehcene Rabhi , Abdullah Sami Jassim Aldhomaid
Phonemic Composition in Standard Poetry In the divan (Concerned I Am) by (Abdul Rahim Jadaya) as a Model Written by Hussam (Mohammad Azmi) AL-Affouri,Abdullah Omar Mohammad Alkhateeb
"The Juristic Rule of Tarkul-Istifsal (Waiving the Issue of Asking the Defendant for Explanation) according to Muhammad Ibn Uthaimeen and Its Impact on His Religious Views" Written by Khaled Ben Selim Al-Shirary
Repetition as Textual Coherence Mechanisms by Ibn Ashour Surta Al Maeda and Al Anaam as a Mode Written by Ehsan Mohammad Al-Husseini
The Russian Military Intervention in Syrian Crisis and its Implications on the Nature of the World Order Written by Hammad Salem Mohammad ALqaisi,Markram Ahmad Soliman Al Tarawneh
The Lebanese Crisis and the Position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the Period (1982-1992) Written by Hadi Abdelfattah Ali Almahasneh
The Effect of Measuring Insurance Contracts according to IFRS 17 on the Financial Solvency of Insurance Companies in Iraq Written by Yasir Sahib Malik Alzobaidy,Bushra Najm Abdullah Al-Mashhadani
The Impact of Applying Lean Management Principles on Effectiveness of Electricity Distribution Company (PJSC) in Jordan Written by Yaser M.Adwan , Osama Khaled Al-Khlaifat
The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Strategic Agility at Qatari Transportation Sector during Qatar Blockade (2017-2019) Written by Mohammad Radi Rashed Al Hajri,Ghazi Rasmi Abu Qaeud
(Empowering Education) Conscious Thinking Model: Towards a New Prospective in the Empowering Education Written by Jamal Khalil l Mohammed AlKhaldi
The Level of Critical Thinking among Students of Zarqa University according to the California Test of Critical Thinking Skills and Its Relation to Some Variables Written by Jehad Abdul Hamid Al-Qudimat ,Jamal Saleh Atallah
The Role of the Media in the Development of Cultural and Intellectual Awareness from the Perspective of the Students of the UNRWA’s Higher Education Faculties at Jordan Written by Bassam O. Ghanem , Ferial M. Abu Awwad

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