vol 19 no 3,2019

Title Author
The Relationship between Direction Vision and Variation of Place in Iraqi Theatre Written by Zuhair Kadhum Alwan Al-shemery
Bounding Rulings of Annulling Administrative Rulings and their Effects Written by Omar Almakhzoumi, Mohammad Mustafa Mahmoud Eyadat
The Effect of Creed in the Analysis of Linguistic Taboo in Morphological Structure: A Semantic Study Written by Atef Adel shafiq Almahameed, Imad-edeen Nayif m Alshamare
The Foundations of Building the Educational Curriculum from the Perspective of the Origins of Islamic Education Written by Tahani Ahmed Jwarneh,Adnan Mostafa Khatatbeh
Effect of Displacement in the Interpretation of the Rhyme of Shamakh bin Dhirar Written by Raihan I. Al-Maseid
Enhancing Social Insurance Culture in the Omani Community in the Light of the National Strategy for Innovation Written by Hafidha Sulaiman AlBarashdi ...
The Development of Education in the Ottoman Empire: Sultan Abdul Hamid II as a Model Written by Ramzi fawzi abo ghazalah
The Impact of the Jigsaw Strategy on the Achievement of Ninth Grade Students and on Developing their Social Intelligence in Islamic Education Written by Ahmed Mohieddin Al-Kilani, Yaseen Ali Al-Maqosi
A Comparion between the Performance of Islamic Banks and Conventional Banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) During the Period (2008_2017) Written by Riffat Fathi Mutawali Yousif
A Proposed Model for Analyzing the Cost Deviations, Using RCA (Resource Consumption Accounting) Approach with Application on a Saudi Hospital Written by Fahad Sulaiman Mohammed Al-Nafaa,Mustafa Mohammed Jumaa Ismail Abu Amarah

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