vol 19 no 3,2019

Effect of Displacement in the Interpretation of the Rhyme of Shamakh bin Dhirar

Effect of Displacement in the Interpretation of the Rhyme of Shamakh bin Dhirar

  • Raihan I. Al-Maseid
  • Department of Arabic Language and Literature
  • University of Zarqa - Jordan
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  • Received 01 /10/ 2018                                          Accepted 20/02/2019
  • https://doi.org/10.12816/0054699
  • Abstract:
    This research seeks to test the effectiveness of stylistic displacement and its impact on the interpretation of the traditional literary text. This is done by monitoring the most important forms of displacement and its function within the linguistic context of the pre-Islamic poems, based on studying a poem by Shamakh. The study, with an interpretive vision, uses a stylistic approach and semiotic techniques simultaneously to read the ancient poetic text through a new approach and according to a hypothesis of reception that joins the elements of displacement, markers, and reader's activity. The hypothesis is designed to test the aesthetics of linguistic signs and the implications of the symbolic and shades of meaning that form phenomenon of displacement built in texts and its various segments. It also illustrates the artistic Arabic poetry as it deviates from the norms based on the principles of reading and interpretation to achieve subtlety of text structure and its displaced markers in eefective interaction.
    Keywords: displacement, stylistic, interpretation, markers, Shamakh, Jahili (pre-Islamic).
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