vol 19 no 3,2019

The Relationship between Direction Vision and Variation of Place in Iraqi Theatre

The Relationship between Direction Vision and Variation of Place in Iraqi Theatre

  • Zuhair Kadhum Alwan Al-shemery
  • Department of theatre
  • University of Baghdad-Iraq
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  • Received 25 /04/ 2019                             Accepted 06/08/2019
  • https://doi.org/10.12816/0054703
  • Abstract:
  • The research deals with the nature of the relationship between the place opposite the theatre of the box and the directorial vision of the Iraqi theatrical display, through visual construction and the inter-relationships that make the viewer in his interaction with the actor involved in the production of the meaning. The research deals first with the problem of research and the need for it, which is the following question: What is the effect of the opposite place on the directorial vision of the Iraqi theatrical show, then the researcher's importance in that it benefits students, learners and workers in the field of theater, and its goal of revealing the impact of the place unlike the directorial vision of the Iraqi director. Thus, the terminology contained in the title of the research is defined. While the theoretical framework is based on the first two sections titled the directorial vision between visualization and image, where the results of the intangible conceptual fiction and how to convert them to physical images on stage, and the second topic of the concept of the different place of the box theater, which takes the forms and various environments the streets, churches, cafes, large stores and all the places that differ in their area with the theater of the box, and in the procedural framework the researcher addresses the sample research with some analysis according to the different places that are presented where some of the most important results are reached, although the choice of the different place his story is by the director, but he has clear authority over the directorial vision of the show, and the researcher has to mention some conclusions, the most important of which is when the stage of the box is incapable of containing the perceptions and ideas of the director the director resorts in the search for an environment different to this theater. The research is then supplemented by the list of sources and references. Keywords: relationship, directorial vision, location, different place, theatrical performance.
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