vol 20 no2, 2020

Title Author
The Art of lineing and Page Layout in The Designs of Islamic Manuscripts Written by Fuad Khasawneh
Geography of Overt and Covert Offenses against Public Decency Written by Moayd al- kawaldaw
Reflections of TV News and Political Programs on Viewers A Field Study from the Viewpoint of Faculty Members in the Universities of Yarmouk, Zarqa, and the Middle East Written by Tahseen Sharadga/Amjad Safori
Unanimous Allegation in Argumentative Discourse of Abu Hayyan Al Andalusi: An Analytical Study Written by Fauzeya Alotaibi
The Impact of Strategic Agility in Crisis Management Readiness at the Qatar Airways Written by Mohamad Al-henzab/Ghazi Abu Gauod
The Role of Strategic Intelligence Practices in Developing Intellectual Capital Competencies in Qatari Public Universities Written by Shafi Al-Shafi/Ghazi Abu Gaowd
The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the Balance of Trade in Jordan (1975-2017) Written by Ahmad Malawi/Ahmad Nawasreh
The Effect of Applying Knowledge Acquisition Strategy on Achieving Individual's Objectives / Case Study in Jordanian Insurance Companies Written by Ibrahim Babban
The Role of Integration between Agile Manufacturing Strategy and Throughput Accounting in Reducing Product Costs - An Analytical Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Workers in the Kufa Cement Plant Written by Ahmed Maher/Hanan Sahbat
Positive Thinking and Its Role in Raising Youth Awareness at Qassim Region of the Dangers and Causes of Delinquency and Intellectual Extremism Written by Fathy Mohamed/Rabie Rashwan
Mediating Role of Organizational Cultue in the Effect of Working Values on Career Choice among Jordanian Universities' Students Written by Sami Milhem and others....

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