vol 15 no 2,2015

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A Proposal of a Training Program to Develop the Skills of Using Student-Centred Teaching and Learning Strategies among Faculty Members in KKU Based on the Total Quality Standards." Written by Dr. Abdallah A. Al-Kasi/ Proph.Dr. Tamam. I. Tamam/ Dr. Said H.M.Yehia
Eliot's Juvenilia: An Appraisal Written by Dr. Ibrahim Abdel latif Shalabi
Integrating Service Learning in a Postgraduate IT Programme Written by Dr. Hamed Fawareh/ Pat Byrne
Signs of Victory in An-Nasr Surah Written by Dr. Ahmed Suleiman Awad Alrqub
Legal Obstacles against Stay the Execution of the Administrative Decision-A Comparative Study, France, Egypt and Jordan Written by Dr. Ali Yousef Mohammad Al-Ulwan
Domestic Violence and its Relationship to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder among Jordanian University Students Written by Dr. Saleem Odeh AlZboon
Over the Awareness of Arabic Language Teachers and Parameters for Reading Skills (aloud and silent) in the light of the Views and Opinions of their Students Supervisors Written by Dr. Bakr Samih Mohammed Mawajdeh/ Prof. Mohammed Ibrahim Mustafa al-Khatib
Efforts of Great Critics Pioneering in Facilitating Arabic Rhetoric and its Characteristics Written by Dr. Tawfiq Abu al-Rub
Approach of Ibn Hijjah al Hamawi in Dealing with Rhetorical Evidence in his Book: Khazanat al-Adab wa Ghayat al-Arab Written by Dr. Ahmad Ghaleb Alkresheh
An Estimation of Demand and Supply Functions for Olive Oil in Jordan for Time Period (1978-2012) Written by Dr. Mahmoud Rabe Rabai
The Level of Applying Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics in the Context of Operation Function- An Empirical Study in Industrial Companies Listed in Amman Stock Exchange Written by Dr. Murat Salim Atyani
Role of Offices and Audit Firms Operating in Jordan about Audits of Clean Development Mechanisms Projects- Field Study Written by Prof.Dr. Rasha MHD.Anwar Hamada/ Dr. Moneer Mohammad Nofal
The Effect of Transformational Leadership on Organizational Learning in Jordanian Commercial Banks in Northern Province Written by Dr. Ahmad Al-Azzam/ Dr. Mohamad Al-Jedaiah
The Impact of Ramadan "the Month of Fasting" on Performance of the Amman Stock Exchange Market during the Period (1988 - 2011) Written by Dr.Ahmed Aref Assaf/ Dr. Hassan Yassin Tohme
The Factors Affecting the Clients Selection Criteria in SA Banks Written by Dr. Saleh Bin Saad Al-Qahtani

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