vol 20 no1, 2020

Title Author
Despair and Depression in John Osborne’s Look Back in Anger Written by Noah Ibrahim Saleh Alguzo
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Macroeconomic Indicators to Influence the Stability of Jordanian Banking System Written by Mohammad Sami Ali
The Intellectual Position from Authority In the Plays of Saad-Allah Wannous Written by Yahya Issa, Mekhled Al-zyoudy
The Usage and Exposure of the Academic and Administrative Staff in Jordanian Universities to Jordan TV Programs and the Gratifications Attained Written by Mohammad Hashem Salous
Ottoman Salanamah, Its Origins, Evolution, and Importance in Modern Arab History (1847-1917) Written by Moayyad Tawfiq Aqal Haider Al-Aqrabawi
Collection of many in the poetry of Mutanabi through the book of Al-fasr of Ibn Gini Written by Hassouna Hasb Al-raseel ....
The Level of Knowledge of Elementary School Teachers in Jordan of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Written by Awnieh Ata Al-Shikh Joma'a Sawalha
Teachers’ Perspective of Educational Technology Integration in Secondary Stage Islamic Education Curricula Written by Mahmoud Ahmad Muraweh
The Trends of Implementing Blended Learning among Jordanian Universities' Faculty Members and the Obstacles They Face Written by Reda ALMawadieh, Talal Al-Zoabi
The Role of Saudi Universities in the Development of its Graduates in Accordance with the Requirements of NEUM Project Tabuk University - Case Study Written by Hani Said Mahmoud Abdoh
The Impact of Strategic Agility in Achieving Strategic Success at the Qatari Commercial Banks Written by Mohammad ALmarri, Samer Bashabsheh

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