vol 16 no 2,2016

Title Author
Predictors of Job Satisfaction of Special Education Supervisors in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Written by Dr. Saleem Odeh Al-Zboon/ Dr. Sameer Aowd Shdaifat/Issam Hussein AlSager
The Availability Degree of Libya's Mathematics Teachers' Didactic Competencies and Their Relationship with Educational Qualifications Written by Ghada Mohammad Sallam/ Prof. Imad Meteab Al_Zuhairi
The Relationship between Creativity and Solving Mathematical Physical Problems by Eleventh Graders in the Governorates of Gaza in Palestine Written by Prof. Yahya Mohammed Jahjooh/ Dr. Khalid Fayez Abd Alqader
Effect of Using the Interactive Approach on Improving Multiple Intelligences of Kindergarten Children in Jordan Written by Prof. Abdul Karim Mahmoud Abu Jamus/ Maleeha Suliman Al-Domukh
The Effectiveness of the Training Program Based on the Development of Arousing Curiosity in Children pre-school learning in Hail in Saudi Arabia Written by Dr. Samer Rafi Majed Al-Irsan
Interior Housing Architecture in the Islamic Concept an Analytical Study of Samples from the Islamic Houses and Palaces Written by Dr. Mohammed Thabit Al-Baldawi
Measuring the Impact of External Funding on Economic Growth in Jordan an Econometric Study for the Period (1997-2011) Written by Dr. Mazen Hasan Basha/ Dr. Hasan Yasien Touama/ Dr. Samer Ali Abdelhadi
The Impact of the Ownership Structure on Earnings Management "An Empirical Study on the Hotels Listed in ASE" Written by Dr. Omar Fareed Mustafa Shaqqour
The Impact of Quality Islamic Banking Service on Market Share - A Case Study: Arab Islamic Bank in Zarqa City Written by Dr. Khalid Tawfiq al-Assaf
The Impact of Corporate Governance Principles on the Stock Market Liquidity: An Emipirical Study on Financial Jordanian Public Corporation Written by Suhayeb Ayedh Alkahtani/ Prof. Abdel Naser Nour/ Omar Shaher Arabiat
The Impact of the Constitutional Amendment in 2011 and the law on the Elimination of the Administrative Judiciary and Civil Administrative Compensation Written by Dr. Nadia Mohammed Quzmar
Appeals to the Divine Messenger Muhammad-Peace be upon Him in the Holy Quran Written by Dr. Odeh A O Abdullah/ Hamzah Abdullah Shawahna
Media-Related Connotations in Calling and Reporting to Allah Written by Dr. Muhammed Saleem ‘Muhammed Ali’/ Dr. Abdullah Quweider
"Behind The Boaders" the Writer's Vision Vs. the Objectivity of Literary Criticism Views Written by Dr. Tawfiq Abu al-Rub

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