vol 15 no 3,2015

Title Author
Graphic Design and its Impact on Websites and Multimedia Written by Dr. Majed Kamaleldeen Mohammed Gomaa
The Role of the Addustour Newspaper and the Alarabalyawm in the Deployment of the National Values of the Jordanian Society (2011-2012) (Content Analysis) Written by Dr. Mohammad Kamel Suleman Al-Quraan
The Effect of Intentionality and Acceptability on the Rank of Pillars of the nominal sentence for Al Jahiz: Al Maad and Al Maash as a Model Written by Dr. Hussien Mosa Ali Abu Jazar/ Riyad Mohamed Ali Abu Rahma
Muhammad bin Massarrah's Religious Movement Written by Dr. Mubarak Mohammed Tarawneh/ Dr.Bilal Rakan Aljaafreh
Abu–Musa Al–Hamid and His Effect on Arabic Language A descriptive, Explanatory Study. Written by Dr. Nasser Ibrahim Saleh Noeimi
Citizenship State between Sharia and Law Written by Dr. Fouad Abdul Latif Osman Ahmed
The Effect of Dismiss the Case to Prove Right on the Responsibility of the Barrier and the Sponsor According to the Jordanian Civil Procedures Law "Empirical Comparison Analytical Study" Written by Dr. Raed .L. Soboh/ Dr. Khalid Radwan Samamah
The Role of Family in Realizing Tolerance among It's Members Written by Dr. Taysir Mahjoub Yasin Alfityani
The Jurisdiction of the Nations before Us in the Verses of Surat Yousif Written by Dr. Najwa Badr Mohammed Qaraqish
The Relationship between Muslims and the People of the Book in the Light of Quranic Regulations Written by Dr Jamal Mahmoud Abu Hassan
The Importance of Corporate Governance in Strengthening Control and Combating Corruption. "A Case Study on Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company" Written by Dr. Ahmed yousef Dudin
Legal & Administrative procedures which limit organizational conflicts in Companies engaged in the manufacture of ready garments. ((Applied study on addulail industrial complex)) Written by Dr. Ibrahim B. Sh. Al-Subaihat
The Impact of Quality Websites to Attract Patients for Treatment in Private Hospitals in Jordan Written by Dr. Ghalib Mahmoud Sonjok
The Degree of Assimilation of Zarqa University Students of the Meaning of the Citizenships Concepts in light of Contemporary Challenges Written by Dr. Abdulsalam Yousef Al-jaafreh
The Level of Organizational Culture at the Public High School Principals in Riyadh and its Relationship to Job Satisfaction for Teachers Written by Dr. Anoud Mohammed al-Ghaith

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