vol 18 no 3,2018

Title Author
Factors Influencing Jordanian Consumer’s Intention to Purchase Branded Product A Viewpoint of Yarmouk University student in Irbid City Written by Dr. Abdel Fattah Mahmoud Al-Azzam
Solar Energy and the Feasibility of Using it in Governmental Institutions ( Study Case of the Department of Lands and Survey in The Hashemite Kingdom Jordan) Written by Wael Hasan Abu Shaera
The Role of Mobile Phones in Reducing the University of Jordan's Students Reliance on Printed Press Written by Dr. Ahmad Ali Alananbah
Echoes of Romanticism among Revival Pioneers of Kuwait Poets: Study Content Written by Dr. Omar Hasan Ameri
A Miracle for the Mu'tazila and Asha;era Groups Written by Dr.Muath Yasrah
Innovative Legal Links to Serve the Economic Value of the Trade Mark Written by Dr. Omar Al Makhzoumi
Procedural Actions Affecting Penal Order "Analytical Study in Jordanian Penalties Procedure Law" Written by Dr. Mohannad Walid Ismail Al Haddad
The Effect of Liquidation of a Bankrupt Islamic Bank on the Rights of Credit Account Depositors Written by Prof. Hussein Samhan
The Effect of Teaching Physics Using the Jigsaw Strategy on the Developing of the Scientific Sense and Self-Efficacy of Students in the First Secondary Grade Students Written by Mohammad Khair" Mahmoud Alsalamat
The Behavior of the Information Function Related to the Percentages of Missing Response and Sample Size Depending on Item Response Theory Written by Ali Mohammed Al Orsan Bani Awad
The Status of Administrative Empowerment of Schools' Principals in Palestine as Seen by Principals Themselves (Ramallah and Al-Bireh Schools: A Case Study) Written by Mohammad Awad Shuibat
Level of Students’ Understanding for Controversial Biotechnological Issues in Faculties of Medicine, Applied Health Sciences, Pharmacy, Nursing and Science in Public Jordan Universities Written by Prof. Talal Alzoabi
Use of Social Media Sites as Information Resourcesby the Faculty of Educational Sciences Students at Zarqa University and their Attitudes towards Them Written by Prof. Omar Al-hamshari

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