vol 22 no3, 2022

Title Author
Role of the Military Ifta Directorate in Forming Proper Character of Jordanian Armed Forces' Members: A Field Study Written by Adndn Mostafa Khtatbeh/Ahmad Ali Hussein Ananzeh
Factors affecting deaf marriage from their point of view in the Saudi society Written by Ghaithan bin Saleh Al-Omari
Aspects of online retailing prices and consumers price sensitivity Written by Sam A. F. Alfoqahaa
The effect of the level and type of information processing on the performance of semantic and event memory Written by Iman Youssef Al-Maghrabi -Shadia Ahmad Al-Tal
The Impact of Corporate Income Tax on the Wage Level in Jordan Written by Hamza Mohammed Mashaqbeh / Amer Abdelfttah Bakir
Aqida Base and Its Effect in Psychological Well- Being: A Study in the Islamic Educational Heritage Written by Reem Saleh Al-Salah / Asma Abdalmutaleb Bany Younes
Entrepreneurial Agricultural Projects in Madaba– A Sociology study Written by Orayeb Abdel Rahman Al Wleidat /Khaled Tamim
Road accidents and their treatment in the light of the Sunnah compared to traffic laws Written by saoud abdullah bardi al-mutairi
The Reality Of Employing The Mathematics Lab and Its Relationship To Developing Geometrical Proof Skills Among High School Students Written by Gehan Ahmed Mahmoud Alshafey /Sara Saad Aldosary
Evaluation of "Learn Arabic" Website for non-Native Speakers Compared to "Learn French" Website. An Analytical Study Written by Muhammed Muvaffak Alhasan
The Legality of the Measures Taken by Saudi Arabia Toward Restricting Freedom of Travel During Corona Pandemic: A Comparative Study Written by Rakan Fahad Alharbi
Piety in the Verses of Paradise and its Impact on Dealing with Calamities, Adversities and Tribulations: An Analytical Study Written by Asma mohammad Alahmad / Haziyah Hussin

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