vol 19 no 1,2019

Absolute Sunnah for Characterization between Obligatory and non - Obligatory

Absolute Sunnah for Characterization between Obligatory  and non - Obligatory

Mousa Ayiesh Abu Reish

Faculty of Shariah

Asmaria Islamic University - Zlitan - Libya

Received 01/03/2016                                                                                                                  Accepted 17/11/2016



This research aims to describe the absolute verb of which Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) had laid the duty standard according to a basic standard .so is it intuitive or legalized, or is it something in between Fundamental scholars view have so differed about this absolute verb, some of them raised the rank of the standard and others lowered it, or stopped it.  Some scholars tried to approximate points of view and some hesitated in all standards. There are those who are doubtful in the logical standard that approves to it as different. The older opinion about this absolute verb was between obligation or stopping and sometimes free option . The researcher chose the verb between  semi obligatory and free option  for it is closer to the intuition which comes out from the doers action according to the habit and on the other hand its closeness to the rank of imitations.

Keywords: Characterization, Semi obligatory, and Absolute Way


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