vol 19 no 1,2019

The Symbolic Feature of Citizenship in Secondary School Students Drawings

The Symbolic Feature of Citizenship in Secondary School Students Drawings

Abd.Alkareem Abd.Alhussein Aldabbaj                                   Saba Qeis al-Yasiri

           College of Education                                                   College of Education

              University of Kufa - Iraq                                            University of Kufa - Iraq

Received 07/02/2018                                                                                                          Accepted 27/01/2019



The research aims to identifying the symbolic features of citizenship in secondary schools students drawings.

The theoretical scope of research involved the following: (Symbol And Symbolism in Art, Drawing and Artistic expressions for adolescents and Citizenship).

The researchers applied the descriptive analytical approach as it agrees with research subject, They have designed a tool to analyze students drawings by taking a random Sample which consisted of (418) students repesenting (6%) of the whole research society, that amounts to (6964) students.

The Researchers reached to:

1-      (%56.7) of drawings had the symbolic features of citizenship, the social features came first other features in the embodiment of citizenship feature reaching a percent 58%.

2-      Statistical fiffernces have been identified at 0.05 level in relation to the symbolic feature of citizenship in students drawings. These differences have been identified in the gender variable in favor of male students.

Keywords: Features, Symbol, Citizenship, Students Drawing, Secondary school


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