vol 16 no 3,2016

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The Impact of CAMELS’ Components on the Credit Risks that Commercial Jordanian Banks Listed in Amman Stocks Exchange Face Written by Dr. Ismail Younis Ibrahim Yamin \ Mohammad Sami M. Aldhahrawi
The Influence of Perceived Benefits and Risks on Consumer's Intention to Purchase Pirated Digital Products from the Perspective of Private Universities Students in Amman Written by Dr. Hamza salim lutfi khraim\ Sharif Abdullah saleem AlMaytah
The Implementation of Social Responsibility in Entrepreneurship Business Organizations in Tabuk- KSA Written by Dr. Rashed Muslat Abdullah Alshareef
Assessment of the Services Quality of Civil Status and Passports Department from the Perspective of Clients- A Case Study: the Main Offices of the Directorate Amman Written by Dr. Bassm Sweilem Oqleh Eyal Awwad
Dashboard and it's Impact on Continuous Improvement - Case Study: (Fuels & Oils Company, Al Manager Industry and Investment Company) Written by Dr.Qasem Alshaar\ Dr. Amineh Khaddam\ Dr. Hani Irtaimeh\ Dr. Khaled Al.shawabkeh
Semantic Differences in Qur’anic Synonyms Al & AHL Written by Dr. Husnieh A. H. Hweij
Authentic Evidence on Incidence and its Applications from the Perspectives of Muslims Scholars, Abu Hanefa, AlQhazale and Anmothjan as Models Written by Dr. Mohammed Khalil Al-Nwihi\ Dr. Amar Salameh Malahmeh
Causality Theory in the Jordanian Penal Legislation Murder Model Comparative Study with the Syrian and Egyptian Legislative Systems Written by Dr. Imad obeid\ Dr. Fahad Al Kasassbeh
Styles of Classroom Management of Islamic Education Teachers in Amman from their Perspectives Written by Dr. Ahmad Moh'd Muhy Edin Al-Kilani
The Effectiveness of Cognitive – Behavioral Counseling Program for "Face Book Addiction Disorder (FAD)" Treatment among Adolescents Written by Dr. Yasera Moh. Abou Hadroos
The Attitudes of the Students at Al Ahlia Amman University toward the Citizenship Education Course in Promoting Aspects of Loyalty and Belonging in the University as well as Community Written by Dr. Sawsan sa,d el deen badrakhan
Stop Motion Animation Puppets Written by Dr. Mahmoud Atya Almahdy Husien
Presentation and Delay in Abdullah ElBardouni's Poetry Written by Dr. Hussein Rady khleel al Aidy
Rythmic at the End or Verses of Surat Al-Ahzab (Al-Dhonoona [10], Ar-Rsoola [66], As-Sabeela [67]) Written by Dr. Abdul Munim Ahmad Salih
Pre-Islamic Poetry's Portrayal of Social Life: A Study of the Types of Food and the Pottery Usen Then Written by • Dr. Mahmoud Hussein Obeid-Allah' Azazme
The Impact of the Terrorist Attacks of 9/11 on the Social Life in America: A Critical Study of Joseph O’Neill’s Novel Netherland Written by Dr. Nouh Ibrahim Saleh Alguzo

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