vol 23 no1,2023

Aspects of online retailing prices and consumers price sensitivity


The Effect of Retailing Prices Aspects on Consumers Price Sensitivity: An Analytical Study of a Sample of Palestinian Electronic Shoppers

Sam A. F. Alfoqahaa
Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
An-Najah National University
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Received :23/09/2021                                           Accepted :02/01/2022



The purpose of this research is to investigate the effect of a set of aspects of online retailing prices on consumers' price sensitivity. These online pricing aspects including consumers' awareness about dynamic pricing, perceived price information symmetry, perceived retail's price transparency, price comparison websites' perceptions, and the consumer awareness of retailer's accountability are assumed as reasons for reducing consumers' price sensitivities in the online context. This study includes an online survey with a convenience sample of 466 Palestinian consumers who shop online for semi-durable consumer goods, from the global famous online shopping retailers/websites.  Data analysis is conducted using different statistical techniques including multiple linear regression to test the research hypotheses. The results show that the research multiple regression model is statistically significant providing evidence that the research hypotheses are substantiated.

The research findings contribute to the existing literature on price sensitivity as the research is theoretically conceptualized and empirically testing a model of aspects of online retailing prices and online consumer price sensitivity.

Keywords:  Online Retailing, Consumers' Price Sensitivity, Dynamic Pricing, Perceived Information Symmetry, Perceived Pricing Transparency, Price Comparison Websites, Retailer Accountability.


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