vol 23 no1,2023

Factors affecting deaf marriage from their point of view in the Saudi society


Factors affecting deaf marriage from their point of view in the Saudi society

Ghaithan bin Saleh Al-Omari
faculaty education
Taibah University
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Received : 02/03/2021                               Accepted :09/05/2021


The present study aims to investigate the factors affecting deaf marriage from their point of view of the Saudi society. The study sample consisted of (150) male / female. According to their studies, and the environment in which they live. The study tool consisted of two parts. The first section is preliminary data, and the second section includes (35) items divided into (3) dimensions, which are represented in (factors leading to late marriage - factors related to choosing a life partner - factors related to the outlook for marriage) the tool was translated into sign language through a special video for each item. The validity of the tool was verified through its apparent validity, where it was refereed by (10) expert arbitrators, and the internal consistency of the tool was verified through Pearson correlation coefficients, as for the stability, the half hashes and the Cronbach alpha coefficient were calculated.

And by using the descriptive survey approach and appropriate statistical methods, the results of the study show that one of the most important factors leading to the delay in marriage age for deaf people, from their viewpoint, is the delay in obtaining a job, as well as the high cost of dowries and marriage costs, the partner's lack of understanding of sign language. The desire to complete studies, and the negative media about deaf marriage. Among the most important factors associated with choosing a life partner is religiosity, closeness in the level of education, sufficient income, a measure of beauty, and closeness in communication. The most important factors associated with the deaf view of marriage is that marriage makes it more responsible, as well as the negative society's view of deaf marriage. The factors leading to late marriage age for males were higher than for females, and the residential area and education level had no effect on marriage.

Keywords: Marriage , Deaf ,Saudi Society.


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