vol 23 no1,2023

The Legality of the Measures Taken by Saudi Arabia Toward Restricting Freedom of Travel During Corona Pandemic: A Comparative Study


The Legality of the Measures Taken by Saudi Arabia toward Restricting Freedom of Travel during Corona Pandemic: A Comparative Study

Rakan Fahad Alharbi
College of General Studies
King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
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Received : 18/11/2021                                          Accepted :31/1/2022


The research introduces the freedom of travel and its limitations. The research aims at clarifying the concept of freedom of travel in Sharia law and international conventions. It is also identifying the Islamic and legal basis of these restrictions for the procedures taken by Saudi law to limit freedom of traveling. The researcher adopted the comparative analytical approach based on extrapolation of Saudi law related to the topic and compare it with Sharia and international conventions to study the legality of these measures and alignment with Sharia law and international conventions.

The research concluded with a set of results and recommendations. As for the results, the measures taken by Saudi Arabia toward traveling are compatible with Sharia, international convention, and Saudi laws. As for the recommendations, the necessity of cooperation between government agencies by issuing a comprehensive report about rights and freedoms in the Saudi Arabia during Corona pandemic to increase the legal awareness of the international community.

Keywords:freedom of movement,corona pandemic, laws,measures


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