vol 19 no2,2019

The Relationship between the History of Arts and Archeology

The Relationship between the History of Arts and Archeology

Ihsan El-Rabbae                                                             Majid Al - Khudari                                                   Mamoun Bani Younis

Faculty of Arts and Languages                                        Faculty of Arts and Languages                                    Faculty of Arts and Languages

Jadara University - Jordan                                               Jadara University - Jordan                                             Jadara University - Jordan

Received 20/09/2018                                                                                                                  Accepted 30/01/2019


After recent convictions by archaeologists that the practice of art may be useful for their understanding of the past, This study examines the potential role of art practitioners and their history in archaeological research. In this context, the role of artists and historians in the interpretation of cultural material, or archaeological evidence is of particular importance. For this reason study, the importance of using the special technical practice as an exploratory method to develop some of the issues that arise in the relationship between the disciplines of art and archeology. Therefore, the definition of a consensual concept of this relationship between the fields of archaeology as one of the areas where the link to the practice of art history is more important.

Then, the study included explaining both terms to provide a philosophical scientific basis for research in this relation as the disciplines of the arts movement concerned with the sensory experience and the visualization of archaeological sites and handicrafts. The study concluded that the relationship between the practice of art and its history and the domain of archaeology and its history depends on the extent of acceptance and interpretive understanding of both parties. It also concluded that the study of anthropology in dealing with heritage and art should be taken into account. Is the study of man or human. So that the effects are interpreted through the culture of the community receiver.

Keywords: Tarbakh Art, Archeology, Beauty, Taste.


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