vol 20 no3,2020

Title Author
The Degree Teachers of the First Three Primary School Grades Apply Teaching Basic Reading Skills for the (RAMP) Initiative from the Viewpoint of Educational Supervisors in Jordan Written by Abdul Salam Yusef Al-Jaafra
The Design Thought of KSA Universities' Logos and its Relationship with its Visual Identity Written by Abeer bent Muslim Alsaadi
Attitudes towards Quality in Special Education Department Written by Najah Mohammad Zawahreh / Wael Amin Al-Ali
The Role of Social Studies Textbook in Confronting Changes in the Values of Jordanian Society from the Perspectives of Supervisors, and Teachers, in Mafraq Directorates of Education Written by Hassan Suleman Nasser Al-khezaaleh / Khaled bani khaled
Strategic Culture and National Security Trends China's Strategic Culture State Model Written by Dina mohammad jabr
The Impact of the Fluctuations in the Global Prices of Crude Oil and the Global Financial Crisis in the Profitability of Jordanian Transportation Sector’s Companies Written by Mohammed Sami Ali Al-Dhahrawi
The Semantic Development of What Has Been Attributed to the General Public of Languages in the Ain Dictionary Written by Mahmoud Mubarak obaidat / Hussein Mustafa Ghawanmeh
Deviation and Shifts of Significance in the Poetry of Ibn Khafaja Al Andalusi in the Light of his Selected Divan Comparative Analytical Study Written by Samer Talaat Abu Libda
Applications of the Theory of Sovereignty Actions and Government Actions in Light of Kuwaiti Legislation and Judiciary Written by Abdullah mubark al-haifi / Ahssan Rabihi
Civil liability for Separating Conjoined Twins from a Legal and Legitimate Perspective Written by Enas Mohammad Qutieshat
The Purpose of Recommending a Person in the Qur’an Written by Imad "Mohamed Reda" Ali Al-Tamimi
The Reality of Zarqa University Students’ Dependence on Cell phone and Its Saturations A field Study on a Sample of Bachelor's and Master's Students Written by Ahmad ali Al- Al-Anaba
The Role of Endowments Shared by Muslims and Christians in the Service of General Endowment Purposes Written by Monther Abdul Karim Ahmed Alqudah
Matching Students’ Dominant Intelligences with their Fields of Specialization: Did Students Select the Right Specialization? Written by Ra'ed Mohammad Abdelkarim
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